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Conceiving Baby Boy ,Baby Girl & Sex Astrology

Conceiving Baby Boy ,Baby Girl & Sex Astrology
Conceiving Baby Boy ,Baby Girl & Sex Astrology

Conceiving Baby Boy | Conceiving Baby Girl | Sex Astrologer By World Famous Astrologer Rajat Nayar

conceiving a baby boy The first major concern of a couple is to bless with a child & in Indian society everyone irrespective of man or women mostly opt for a boy child rather than of a girl child. Though, there is exception, but that exception is not with maximum couples. In the country like India murder of girl fetus is also a major matter of concern, best astrologer as there still are many under develop or less develop areas where people does not get proper education & hence the incident of fetus murder often takes place. But, this article is for those educated persons or couples who want to bless with a boy child, as well as a healthy child & that is by resorting to possible remedies offered in Astrology or similar study. This informative article is about Sex aspect of Astrology or simply about Sex Astrology.

 how to conceive a baby girl  & calendar a baby boy World Famous Astrologer Rajat Nayar

how to conceive twins According to the Vedic or  system that throws broad light on this aspect of life there are mention of particular times & days for activity of conceiving which has been laid down in the ancient Vedic Astrology treatise & by the sages of ancient time following observations & in accordance with the theory of Vedic Astrology. Vedic Astrology throws light on aspects like how to conceive, when is the conceiving probabilities high or low & how to conceive baby boy etc. According to Vedic Astrology, couple planning for child should avoid birth star days, the Ch&raashtama days, Krishna Paksha, Pradamai thithi, the immediate next day to new moon & full moon days, as conceiving on these days proved to be bad. how to conceive a baby girl naturally  on an how to conceive a baby girl calendar Amavasya or Pradamai day delivers a spastic or an under developed child or mentally unsound child, conceive on Ch&raashtama day delivers a weak child who suffers frequent ailments or illness, as well as suffers with memory loss in the young age & conceiving on the Ashtami or Navami thithis, delivers a child with arrogance, aggressive tendency & never learns to adjust to the surroundings & situations.

how to conceive a girl positions | Conceiving Baby Boy or Conceiving Baby Girl. By Astrologer Rajat Nayar 

how to conceive a girl calendar According to the Vedic Astrology the best timing & position for men to have sex with partner is while the carbon emission is happening from right side nostril & while lying down on his left, for women the best time & position is when carbon emission is happening from left nostril & she is lying down on right in order to conceive boy child. The best time for having sex is between 3 AM to 5 AM & food should be taken at time so that it digests fully before the activity.  how to conceive a girl chinese calendar

how to conceive a girl positions In Vedic Astrology it is recommended to the couple planning for having a child to follow the day instructions properly or else would end up with a ill child or a child who Hindu Astrology later in life will be the reason for the concerning couple’s tension or concern.shettles method girl It is also recommended to the couple want to bless with a child that they has to follow each & every rules mentioned.

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